Day 4 – Jan 4, 2016

Day 4


Hello, first some updates.

I’m working on the charity connection you suggested, I’ll keep you posted. Notice the new blog format? What do you think? Visit the About page, it explains why I want to fundraise for cancer charities. Also new is the Contact page where you can email me.

Thanks to Ms T., a Malian who is currently studying in Kenya, for asking me to include Danfani a hand woven cloth from Burkina Faso on my list of traditional woven African cloth.

Today’s outfit was inspired by a reader from Lagos Nigeria who sent me a picture of what she was wearing today. I copied her style so we’re wearing the same thing except we used different fabrics, and she has her shawl round her neck and mine is over my scarf.

I bought this fabric in Holland and had it sewn in Nigeria. Having fabric sewn into 3 pieces (scarf, blouse and skirt or loose piece of fabric tied round the waist) is common and I’ve seen women wear this in Nigeria, Mali and Senegal -the only West African countries I’ve visited or lived in.

Mrs A. from Lagos thanks for sending your picture. Folks please keep them coming.



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