Day 12 – Jan 12, 2016

Day 12


Dress provided by Mama Biashara Emporium, London


Today’s dress is from Kenya and was provided by Mama Biashara Emporium.  It’s colourful and a great summer dress. But since it’s winter in London, and the temperature has dropped over the last two days, a sweater would come in handy. Can you see the tapestries on the wall behind me, or the fabrics on the shelf? There’s something for everyone. Click on the link to their website to read about the charitable work they do in Kenya.

Have you visited the fundraising page? Please donate generously and spread the word, let’s fundraise for cancer charities. Also tell me if you’ll join me in wearing African print even if it’s only for one day this year. Some of you already sent me pictures of yourselves wearing African print, please keep them coming and tell me if you’d like me to post it on the blog or not.

You can contact me on the blog, on Facebook and on twitter @JelilatOyetunji

Thank you Mama Biashara for today’s dress.



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