Day 14 – Jan 14, 2016

Day 14


Two piece attire provided by Mama Biashara Emporium London


Are you wearing African print today? Thanks for sending me your pictures, your African prints are gorgeous and I’m excited many of you are joining me in this project. But, and here lies the rub, nobody has given me permission to post their pictures on the blog 😦 Keep the pictures coming though, I love them.

Today’s two piece (can you tell it’s not a dress?) is provided by Mama Biashara Emporium.

It’s from Nigeria and has beautiful yellow embroidery on the neckline which I unwittingly covered up with my headscarf. But you can still see a bit of it, can’t you? The two piece I have on is actually a skirt and a buba. But when the bottom half is just the fabric (like a sarong) wrapped around the  waist it’s called iro and buba.

The sleeves of the buba (blouse) and the length of the iro (sarong) change according to fashion. I believe this is a style  -either with  a sarong wrap or skirt-  worn across West Africa as I’ve seen it worn in Bamako and Dakar.

Thanks for today’s attire Mama Biashara Emporium.

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