Day 16 – Jan 16, 2016

Day 16



It is 1 degree outside here in London. It. Is. Cold. It. That’s my winter coat in the background. Needless to say, today I needed a sweater over my African print. Sometimes I put a sweater over my African print blouse, but not today. The skirt I have on actually has a matching blouse, but there was no way I was going to go out in that, not today. So I threw on a turtle neck and a good old wool sweater, and that did the trick. Oh and I have knee high pair of boots and wool socks to keep my feet toasty.

I bought today’s print  from Holland and had it made in Nigeria. I like skirts, easy to wear and I can match it up with jackets, blouses etc.

Thanks for your pictures, keep them coming, and don’t forget to make a donation to Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Support. Thank you.














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