Day 9 – Jan 9, 2016

Day 9


Two piece Kente provided by Mama Biashara Emporium, London


Today’s fabric is a two piece handwoven Kente outfit from Ghana, provided by Mama Biashara Emporium. I was excited to wear this because its handwoven and there’s something about putting on a cloth that is handmade. I like taking pictures in this store because you can see the different things in stock, can you see the leopard prints in the background and the water buffalo tapestry?

We did it. We survived into week 2.  Nine African print clothes down, 357 more to go, and we’re fundraising for cancer charities. I appreciate your comments, please keep them coming and  stay tuned for our first newsletter.

Thank you Mama Biashara Emporium for providing today’s outfit.














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