Day 10 – Jan 10, 2016

Day 10




Hope you’re having a good weekend. I posted two pictures today to show you the complete outfit: in the first one I’m wearing the fabric as a skirt and blouse, while in the second picture I have a large piece of the same fabric wrapped around my upper body. Did you notice the fabric in the second picture is large enough to make a simple blouse? The fabric came in 6 yard packs, and after sewing the skirt and blouse the leftover piece in this case made for a large headscarf, which I still could have worn on my head if I wanted.

I bought today’s fabric eight years ago from Bamako, Mali and had it sewn there. What do you do with your old African print? When does it qualify as old? Do you give it away, wear it even when it’s out of style or just keep it in your closet?










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